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The theme for the service, held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka, was Blessed are the peacemakers.” The event was organized by the Coalition for Peaceful Elections in Zambia and the Christian Churches Monitoring Group.

The same day as the prayer service, Zambia deployed the military to curb the violence.

Religious leaders and organizations from across the world, including the Vatican and the United Nations, shared messages of solidarity and good will.

Rev. Dr Benjamin Simon, World Council of Churches (WCC) programme executive for church relations, delivered a pre-recorded video message on behalf of the WCC.

Peace is more than just the absence of war and violence,” said Simon. So being a true peacemaker is certainly not an easy task.”

The path to peace is often difficult and painful, Simon continued. On behalf of the World Council of Churches, I do wish you all a blessed and peaceful election period,” he said. May the Holy Spirit guide you and lead you to become peacemakers in your country and in this world.”

Watch the WCC video message