prayer for Sudan

Rev. Dr Ibrahim Wushishi Yusef, World Council of Churches (WCC) programme executive for peacebuilding in the African region, declared the prayer open. The Bible always calls us to stand with each other in prayer,” he said.

Dr Lesmore Gibson Ezekiel, director of programmes for the All Africa Conference of Churches, thanked those praying in spiritual solidarity.

We are not giving up in our spiritual and physical accompaniment and solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Sudan,” said Ezekiel. There is nothing that can be compared to coming around the table for a dialogue, for negotiations.”

He noted various commitments and visits made by ecumenical organizations, including the WCC. Maybe we need to reinvent and rethink and reimagine a new way of engagement going forward,” he said. Healing is coming upon Sudan.”

Brian Muyunga, a youth member of the WCC executive committee, reflected: Where do we look for help in troubled times? Our help comes from the one who made the heaven and the earth.”

Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo, bishop of Khartoum and archbishop of the whole of Sudan, joined via a recorded message, as he faces communication challenges in Sudan. We know that we are not forgotten and that we are not alone,” he said. If war continues much longer, there will be no Sudan left.”

Kondo said he realized that, physically, Sudan is afraid. They are on fire. They are killed. They have been displaced,” he said. However, spiritually, they should not be afraid because Jesus has paid a price for their deliverance, for their justice.”

God will make a way, Kondo said. This is what I believe. But what can be done to stop this war? I would like to say war must stop now and not tomorrow.”

Fred Nyabera, director of the Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty, in his reflection, acknowledged that hearts are burdened with the weight of the conflict in Sudan. But as we come together in prayer for Sudan we must remember that Gods desire at the end of the day is for peaceful and quiet lives for all people,” he said. Sudanese men and women and children are crying out for justice amid the conflict as we pray.”

He urged people to be instruments of Gods justice, seeking to end violence and oppression in Sudan. Let us hold on to the promise of hope,” he said. Our prayers must not only focus on the present situation but also on the future of Sudan.”

He prayed that Gods plan for the nation will be fulfilled. Gods message is a message of hope,” he said. May we trust Gods timely plan, knowing that hes ultimate mediator and redeemer of all things.”

Fr James Oyet Latansio, a Roman Catholic Priest and general secretary of the South Sudan Council of Churches, urged people to continue to pray for the people of Sudan. The body of Christ is being maimed and Christ is bleeding in the people of Sudan,” he said. They are bombing everywhere. Whether there are civilians or not, they bomb.

"You have been keeping people alive in Sudan through your prayers—thank you,” added Latansio. Thank you for whatever you do to sustain and heal our brothers and sisters in Sudan. We never expected this war to be there but it has become reality. Please pray—they will feel that prayer.”

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"Prayer for Sudan will express solidarity with churches and people" - WCC news release 17 July 2023