Connecting each week of the year with the unique gifts and challenges of a particular region and context, the ecumenical prayer cycle creates an annual pilgrimage across the world in prayer. The online version, available in four languages, counts among the most visited sections of the WCC website and among those most frequently shared in social media.

The new print edition, in English, is the fourth since 1978. It also features updated regional and country introductions, a multiyear calendar, as well as ten new sections presenting prayer resources on specific themes of contemporary import, such as migrants and refugees, climate and creation, global health and gender justice. It is a resource for individuals and groups, especially those tasked with preparing common prayer, liturgies and newsletters.

“One of the greatest treasures of the ecumenical movement is the globally oriented spirituality engendered by Christians from different regions and confessions,” writes WCC interim general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca in the foreword. “This legacy thrives today in the ecumenical prayer cycle—the annual prayer sequence in which Christians everywhere join each other each week to pray with and for Christians in particular countries and regions.”

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