Tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, 2019

Church of Holy Sepulchre, 2019


Patriarchs and heads of churches in Jerusalem shared Easter greetings of hope with Christians around the world. “This past year has been a time of great sorrow for all the world,” the message reads. “Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions have suffered serious illness, with many succumbing to death.”

The message also acknowledges that many have faced severe economic hardship, isolation, loneliness and despair. “Our Lord has been with us through all of these afflictions,” reads the message. “He is with us still.”

On Easter morn, the message continues, “Christ appears to us anew, opening our eyes to see his face on the faces of brothers and sisters in need, calling us to reach out to them with compassionate arms, bringing them to his healing, his comfort, his forgiveness.”

Easter Message of Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem 2021