In a video message, Patriarch Daniel of Romania addresses the faithful, reflecting that “the state of pandemic calls us to transform suffering into hope and isolation into a desire for more communion among people.”

Due to the pandemic, state authorities have imposed strict measures of social distancing, of isolation and quarantine, which greatly change people’s lives and activities, the Patriarch observed .

“This pandemic has caused and still causes a great deal of panic, fear of becoming sick and fear of death,” adds the head of the Romanian Orthodox Church . “That is why the state of the pandemic calls us to reflect more and more intensely on the importance of human life and health on earth.”

The love of God remains constant in history, because God wants to free the human being from sin as a selfish way of life, from sickness and death, Patriarch Daniel continues.

“At present, the state of pandemic could be also understood as a test or a verification of the spiritual state of people, especially of the intensity of their love towards God and fellow human beings,” his Beatitude explains . "In the pandemic state, prayer is a spiritual source of peace and hope, while spiritual and material solidarity with those who are suffering is a source of courage and joy.”



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