H.H. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia

H.H. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia.


In his response, Patriarch Kirill thanked Sauca for his letter, adding that he has known Sauca for many years as a faithful steward of the Church of Christ and tireless worker in the field of education and formation of younger generations.”

The Russian Orthodox Church has been a WCC member since 1961. In his letter, Patriarch Kirill references the Toronto Statement, referring in particular to the phrase that WCC member churches should recognize their solidarity with each other, render assistance to each other in case of need, and refrain from such actions as are incompatible with brotherly relationship.”

Patriarch Kirill concludes: “I pray unceasingly that by His power the Lord help establish the lasting and justice-based peace as soon as possible…” and added “I express my hope that even in these trying times, as has been the case throughout its history, the World Council of Churches will be able to remain a platform for unbiased dialogue, free from political preferences and one-sided approach.”

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