Screenshot from the world aids day prayer service 2020

“We remember them and name them in our hearts,” they prayed from across the globe. “We lament for those and others who are the most vulnerable in our communities.”

Those praying also listened, via a video message, to a young Christian woman living with HIV. “Yes, God heals but the process through which God heals is the medical treatment,” she said.

She also urged people to pray for those facing stigma. “You fear that they will stigmatize you,” she said. “We live without the courage to share our status with people. That is unfair. We have financial problems, we have educational problems. It is not easy to live with HIV.”

The prayer service also held many notes of hope for the future as it reflected on the theme “Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility.”

In a second video message, another young woman said: “As a child of God I have confidence that faith leaders across the globe will contribute to make a difference by involving society at large.”

The global prayer ended on a note of hope—“We pray that you grant us the grace to help make this happen”—as those from across the world exchanged greetings of peace.