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The book is co-published by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and

In the spirit of a common well,” the editors invite readers to participate in the promise that a life in peace and justice is, in fact, possible for all. Readers will discover some of the spiritual practices that inspire communities on that sacred walk.

In the introduction, editors Fernando Enns, Upolu Lumā Vaai, Andrés Pacheco Lozano, and Betty Pries describe their journey in collecting the inspiring texts.

They are as diverse as our different spiritualities, coming from different regions and cultures, representing different faith traditions and Christian denominations, as well as different genders and ethnicities,” the introduction reads. All the contributors were invited to choose their own content focus, their own style of writing, and their specific way of expression, which might be narrative, descriptive, intuitive, theological, biblical, or historical.”

WCC deputy general secretary Prof. Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri reflected on how vital the publication is for people across the globe who, though faced by grave challenges of many sorts, are still determined move forward together in a spirit of living hope.

This new volume is a tool for unifying people of good will who want to express their care and love, in creative and inspirational ways, for our one human family,” said Phiri. As a worldwide Christian fellowship on a sacred walk together, we treasure these new ways of listening to one another.”

Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué, academic dean of and professor of Ethics, welcomed the publication. In times like these, in which humanity experiences new heights in violent conflict, polarization and various forms of injustice and exclusion, the reflection on the strength and potential of spiritualities as transformative drivers in societies cannot be overestimated,” she said. Peace on earth and peace with the earth are not only matters of normative consensus, but of lived experiences nurtured by faith that another peaceful and just reality is possible.”

Ekué added: " welcomes the publication of this volume, in collaboration with the World Council of Churches, on a vital topic of the ecumenical movement and the wider human community.”

Print copies can be pre-ordered at, incl. 50% discount for individuals or organisations from the Global South + shipping. Online copies can be dowloaded for free - follow the link below.

Transformative Spiritualities for the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace