Photo: John C Park/NCCK

Photo: John C Park/NCCK

The National Council of Churches in Korea has initiated a new part of a global peace treaty campaign, extending to Constantinople, Russia and Eastern Europe during 2019. Ultimately the goal is to end the Korean War and establish a permanent peace regime by turning the current armistice to a peace treaty.

One of the objectives of the campaign is to learn about the ecumenical spirituality of reconciliation and peace in the Orthodox Church, especially in Constantinople, Russia and Greece, in order to deepen solidarity between the churches in Korea and the Russian Reformed Church Association for peace-building in Korea.

The council also aims to raise awareness for the urgent need of a peace treaty among the political leaders in Russia and Eastern Europe, and to articulate a theological vision and hope for peace-making on the global level. Leaders from the council are taking a campaign trip to Moscow, Constantinople, Athens, then Seoul in late June.

A global day of prayer for peace on the Korean Peninsula will take place on 18 August.

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