Photo: Xanthi Morfi/WCC

Photo: Xanthi Morfi/WCC

At a seminar on African missiology held in Nairobi, Kenya on 13 February, participants gave space to theological reflections linked to the Arusha Conference.

The one-day event, “Re-visiting Arusha 2018: Highlights of African Missiology,” also created space for new reflections based on the Arusha Call to Discipleship.

“We go for mission not for ourselves but for God`s people,” said Rev. Dr Fidon Mwombeki, general secretary of All Africa Conference of Churches. “Every single participant of this seminar may deeply understand the theology of mission, along with discipleship and the real call for mission.”

Rev. Dr Risto Jukko, director of the WCC Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, reflected that the seminar in Nairobi was really meant to wrap up the Arusha Conference on World Mission and Evangelism, and give voice to even more than those represented at the conference two years ago. “We want to really emphasize the African-ness of the conference but at the same time the increasing outcome of African theology of mission,” said Jukko.

Communalism and solidarity, as core values of the African identity, are fully in line with Christian values, noted Prof. Eunice Kamaara from Moi University. “Through times of crisis, Africans have overcome denominationalism, and the authentic identity and mission of Christ has emerged, thanks to women`s webs of relationships,” she said. “To be fully Christian is to be fully African.”

The growth of Christianity in Africa is an asset for world evangelisation, concluded Prof. Bosela E.Eale from the All Africa Conference of Churches. “But African theology of mission needs to be shaped by a strong discipleship, without which the mission work will be overtaken by misleading theological practices, as seen in Africa today.”


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"Re-visiting Arusha" event in Kenya will highlight African missiology- WCC Press release 12 February 2020