Flyer for Ecumenical International Youth Day with african young men holding up banners with words "hope" and "peace"

Churches around the world are invited to be in solidarity on this significant day. To help WCC member churches and their communities engage fully, the Young People in the Ecumenical Movement (YPEM) programme is releasing a second edition of the 2023 of a comprehensive toolkit entitled “Young People and Their Voices from the Warzones”. This resource is designed to support congregations in creating safe spaces where young people can share their stories and find solace and strength.

Why this theme?

“Young people and children in warzones face unimaginable challenges, yet their voices and stories are often unheard,” says Abigayle Bolado, WCC programme executive for Youth Engagement. “By highlighting their experiences, we aim to foster greater understanding, support, and action towards peace.”

Through this toolkit, the WCC, via youth engagement in the ecumenical movement, extends an invitation and encourages all member churches and ecumenical partners to participate in this year’s Ecumenical International Youth Day. This year, there is a special desire to draw attention to the situation of young people who live the hard realities of wars, conflicts, and injustice.

Additionally, this year's theme will address pressing concerns such as the impact of war on mental health, access to education, displacement, and the role of youth in peacebuilding.

“We hope it will ignite profound and committed intergenerational dialogues, compelling our collective action to support and uplift youth and children in warzones as a unified community of faith,” says Bolado.

Rev Dr Kuzipa Nalwamba, programme director for Unity, Mission, and Ecumenical Formation concludes: “This activity explicitly express the goal that is in the WCC 2023 to 2030 strategic plans for young people, namely, ‘to ensure that the prophetic voices of young people are present and heard at various levels of the WCC and to ensure their integration.’ This EIYD initiative, developed by young people for intergenerational participation, centers young people’s agency in the ecumenical movement.” 

Let's come together to amplify the voices of youth and children living in warzones and work towards a future of peace and understanding. Mark your calendars and prepare to be part of this vital event.

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