Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC

The WCC will run both onsite and online press centres throughout the assembly and provide easy access for accredited media to press conferences, press briefings and other media services, as well as assembly documents and other material. It will thus be possible to cover the assembly, conduct interviews and participate in real-time press briefings, without being physically present in Karlsruhe. Regardless of whether you plan to be there in person, or participate from a distance, media accreditation is mandatory.

For accreditations, please fill out accreditation form and return it to the WCC media inbox:  

Although accreditation is open up until the assembly begins, we kindly ask you to apply as soon as possible in order to facilitate a smooth and timely approval process.
Please also note that in order to guarantee additional services offered along with your accreditation confirmation, such as accommodation and assembly meals during the assembly, we will need your application for accreditation by Friday, 15 July.   

Only online applications will be considered. In accordance with the WCC media policy, no subsidies or allowances are available.

Only the WCC itself, as the host of the assembly, is authorized to accredit media to the assembly. Accreditations by other organizations are not valid.       

Should further questions arise at this point, please drop us a line in the WCC media inbox:

Please also visit our press centre at the WCC website, where you can follow news continuously and learn more about the WCC and the assembly. 

Welcome with your application!