Graphic image of waves and water with text reading 'Let the waves roar' on top of it.

The books introduction, by its editors Joy Eva Bohol and Benjamin Simon, notes that, often, we experience waves as exciting—and sometimes they are scary and even destructive.

Roaring waves can also change and persuade,the introduction reads. It is clear to us, the editors of this volume, that in our societies the younger generation can serve as sounding and roaring waves.

Young people are creating waves and splashes in the ecumenical waters, Bohol and Simon note. As we journey together as a movement, as a fellowship, young people continually remind us that we are called to be prophetic voices in church and society,the introduction continues. The 16 young people whose voices are heard in these pages represent eight regions and diverse church traditions.

Another three chapters have been contributed by the editors and former WCC youth department staff. The book invites all generations to discern the signs of our times and to be proactive in our response to them,reads the introduction.

Simon, who is also WCC programme executive for Church Relations, underscored the publications global breadth. It was important for us, the editors, to give all WCC regions a space to focus  on the many challenges with which they are confronted.

Bohol, who is also programme executive for WCC Youth Engagement, said the book is unique because it is not only written for young people but most importantly, withyoung people—16 authors from the WCCs eight different regions. Since the 10th Assembly in Busan, South Korea, there is an increasing inquiry on the ecumenical community to address concerns and engagement of young people within our churches and the society,said Bohol. After consulting with young people, participants in WCC events between the 10th and the 11th Assembly, and a number of church leaders and ecumenical partners, there is a need to provide an updated resource to get-to-know young people of today and explore ways for the church to proactively and intentionally engage this age group, 18-30, in the ecumenical movement."

Publication: Let the Waves Roar