18 October 2018, Rome, Italy: Saint Peter's Basilica.


Participants of the meeting included H.E. Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, co-moderator of the Joint Working Group for WCC, and Bishop Dr Thomas Edward Dowd, co-moderator of the Joint Working Group for the Roman Catholic Church. Joining from the WCC were Prof. Dr Vasile-Octavian Mihoc, co-secretary of the group, Prof. Dr Andrej Jeftic, and Very Rev. Dr Yvette Maud Noble Bloomfield. Representing the Roman Catholic Church were Fr Dr Andrzej Choromanski, co-secretary of the group, Bishop Dr Brian Farrell, and Monsignor Dr Juan Usma Gómez.

The primary objectives of the meeting were to facilitate a deeper understanding among participants through personal introductions, as well as sharing insights into their respective work and ministries. Continuing participants reflected on the recent history of the Joint Working Group. 

The meeting also included updates on recent activities of the parent bodies, ensuring participants were informed about ongoing initiatives and priorities. Core discussions centered on the future work of the group, which also approved the Terms of Reference 2024-2030, which will guide the work of the current mandate. 

This focused collaboration underscores the commitment of both the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches to advancing shared objectives through the Joint Working Group.

Decisions were made regarding the date, venue, and draft agenda of the first plenary session, which will take place at Bossey, Switzerland, between 2-6 September. 

Established by mutual agreement in 1965, the Joint Working Group between the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Church serves as a consultative body to promote dialogue and cooperation between the two partners. This collaboration recognizes the unique potential of joint efforts in addressing important theological, social, and ethical issues facing the world today.

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Participants of the executive meeting of the Joint Working Group with Roman Catholic Church, meeting online on 21 February 2024.