The International Ecumenical Fellowship (IEF) held its 45th Conference in Krakow, Poland, 22-29 July under the theme “Love of Christ Compels Us.” The gathering drew nearly 200 participants from Europe, including the Ukraine, as well as from Colombia.

The IEF is an international grassroots organization dedicated to ecumenical understanding and reform of the church. It is one of several international organizations with a strong working relationship with the World Council of Churches.

This year' theme echoes that of the upcoming assembly of the WCC, The Love of Christ moves us to unity and reconciliation.

The conference closed with a declaration describing the groups vision of the next steps forward for the ecumenical movement and outlining the groups several shared commitments as active agentsfor church unity and responding to the world’s needs.

“We commit ourselves to be a prophetic voice in all situations of social injustice, especially among those who seek quality of life and peace in our countries, the immigrants,” reads the declaration. “This means being identified with the margins of society and promoting the dignity of all people.”

The consortium also pledged its commitment to ecological justice, and for a theology of creation.

“We commit ourselves to be bridges in a culture of encounter, to bring the light of Christ in the dialogue between religions in the middle of a secularised society,” reads another commitment within the declaration. “All this is for the glory of God and the salvation of all creation.”

WCC member churches in Poland