Corralles is among a dozen other inspired speakers featured in a new series of videos beingreleased by the WCC to build hope and inspiration for the pre-assemblies, or gatherings held before the main event to nurture collaboration and build messages.

Four pre-assemblies— Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network, Ecumenical Youth Gathering (EYG), Indigenous Peoples, and Just Community of Women and Men—will take place at the end of August just before the full assembly begins on 31 August.

Olivia Vakacegu, speaking on the Ecumenical Youth Gathering (EYG) in the videos, states: I think its important that our leaders listen to the voices of young people and, at the same time, provide a space for young people to be a part of the process, to be a part of the decision-making.”

Planners for all four pre-assemblies are working to create an experience in which people can work together in transformational ways.

Rev. Mari Pauliina Valjakka, speaking about the Indigenous Peoples pre-assembly, says she looks forward to hearing the perspective on unity from Indigenous peoples.

We are really hoping that we can share the Indigenous wisdom not only about reconciliation and unity but also Indigenous wisdom about taking care of mother earth and taking care of our homeland—because I think thats a very urgent thing,” she said. Now is the time to listen to Indigenous peoples.”

Pre-assemblies offer delegates and assembly attendees an opportunity to meet others with  similar interests and delve deeper into issues of concern. Pre-assembly participants will take their learnings into ecumenical conversations and other deliberations in the full assembly.

Rev. Dr Anders Göranzon reflects, in the videos, on the Pre-Assembly: Just Community of Women and Men. Women and men have to do this together, so I think its crucial that we work side-by-side in this endeavor,” he says.

Assembly participants, when registering, are asked whether they wish to participate in a pre-assembly. Once they select a pre-assembly, a coordinator will confirm participation. Registration closes on 30 June.