Photo: Paul Jeffrey/WCC

Photo: Paul Jeffrey/WCC


Promoting justice, peace and racial awareness, indigenous youth will gather in Osaka, Japan from 8-12 September. Collaborating with the World Council of Churches, the youth from around the world will continue to build on indigenous youth leadership initiatives begun in the past few years, affirming the growing visibility and presence of indigenous youth leadership in the ecumenical movement.

Working together, the youth also hope to strengthen their capacity and tools for promoting environmental sustainability. They will form an ecumenical indigenous young theologians group to develop theological study materials and action plans on healing and reconciliation informed by indigenous spirituality, theology, and traditions.

In line with the WCC pilgrimage of justice and peace theme for its 2019 Asia regional focus on racism, the gathering will also show solidarity with marginalised minority communities in Japan including Buraku, Okinawan, and Ainu indigenous communities.

One initial outcome of the meeting will be a collective “Call to Action” developed by the participants.


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