Dr Agnes Abuom, WCC central committee moderator.

Dr Agnes Abuom, WCC central committee moderator.


Nyaboth introduces her guest, then moves into open-ended questions. “What is very interesting about her position is that she is the first woman in this position and the first African,” said Nyaboth, referring to Abuom. 

Nyaboth then follows with questions: “When someone mentions the word ‘peace,’ what does it mean? How do you relate to it at an individual level?”

Abuom then talks about what peace means to her. 

“I think of justice” she said. “I think of inclusive relationships.”

Abuom said she thinks of men and women moving together with a shared vision for a society that is just and sustainable. 

“Peace is the wholesomeness of a person in relationship to nature, in relationship to other beings, in relationship to the livelihood,” continues Abuom. “It is a holistic concept for me, and so I can’t talk about peace without talking about the relationships between me and my God. Is it just? Is it whole? Does it reflect a trustful relationship?”

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