Collage of some of the Week of Prayer pictures shared by Christians in different places

Prayers for unity took on a different look and feel this year, but they weren’t stopped by widespread restrictions on face-to-face gatherings. From prayer cards to personal reflections, online gatherings to new connections, the images worldwide convey the spiritual richness of an ecumenical family that came together in prayer.

Prayer cards

With beautiful prayer cards created by groups, congregations and individuals in their various languages, social media became a place where many shared their spiritual gifts and came together in prayer.

Creative minds, nurturing spirits

Creative minds used the whole spectrum of channels to inspire their online audiences to take part in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Coming together for prayer services

Communities that held prayer services, be it online or offline, also made good use of social platforms for drawing attention to these gatherings.

Despite the pandemic, Christians in some places were able to physically gather and pray for unity. Often those gathered would allow others to join via video link. Online prayer gatherings allowed the global Christian family to come together more concretely and inclusively than in previous years.

For many, the Week of Prayer is also an opportunity to introduce their own constituency to churches and personalities from other traditions.