Theological College Dimapur Oriental Theological College Dimapur

Theological College Dimapur Oriental Theological College Dimapur


Dr Joshua Lorin, principal of the Oriental Theological Seminary, expressed that the seminary deeply cares for the holistic growth of churches. The demands for the services of clergy and pastors have exponentially increased,” he said. On many occasions, you are the unsung heroes—unrecognized and unprotected frontline workers.”

Now is the time for showing and living out what we have been teaching and preaching, Lorin added.

Our members are looking up to the leadership of the churches,” he said. May we lead the church and guide the people with extraordinary courage and spiritual clarity.”

Dr Pangernungba Kechu, professor of Society, Christian Ethics and Theology, reflected on the opportunity for spiritual feeding in the present context. As many pastors are already doing, and whenever its possible, we urge the churches to make use of resources from different fields,” he said, noting that people are asking: What threat do we see in the present situation? What should we do?”

Kechu suggested that pastors should continue to educate their congregations and be responsible in social media use, especially with information related to COVID-19.

Dr Sashinungla Pongen, associate professor of church history, reminded pastors to avoid burning out. Self care is not selfish,” she said. Meditate and pray for Gods strength, no matter how busy you are.”

She also suggested cultivating the habit of proper study before disseminating  information. May you avoid the superheroapproach by delegating and facilitating teamwork,” she said. If you sense a feeling of inadequacy, remember that God is at work in peoples lives through your ministries because Gods creativity has no bounds, though you and I are limited.”

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