Metropolitan of Aleppo interviewed

H.E. Ephraim Maalouli, Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo, Alexandretta, and Dependencies


He describes the first moments of terror in Aleppo, and how churches are working to heal the wounds of the people.

"We opened the halls in the basements from early morning,” he describes in the video. A lot of people were scared to go back to their homes.”

Churches reacted immediately, he says, offering shelter and necessities to earthquake survivors. We were trying as hard as possible to secure their needs,” he says. We received donations from many individuals and organizations all over the city.”

Standing in the rain on the city street, he expresses profound sadness at the terror and the damage his community has endured. Churches are assisting with assessments, he says.

We hope to get an accurate statistic so that we can help these people rehabilitate their homes,” he says. We ask God to grant us better days because people in this country deserve to live peacefully.”

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