Rev. Karl Johnson, of the Jamaica Baptist Union, member of the Central Committee and moderator of the discussion, expressed concerns on the low vaccination rollout into the Caribbean region: “Even though churches are advocating for more access to vaccination, people are suffering from the inequity in distribution and access,” he said.

Elenor Lawrence, from Barbados Church in the Province of the West Indies, shared: “The eruption of La Soufrière volcano covered the island in ashfall and this brought a new difficulty in an already rough time.” 

Discussing on how the pandemic affected the life of people and churches in the Caribbean, Rev. Christopher Euphfa, from the Moravian Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and youth advisor to the WCC central committee, said: "We had to do church services online. But coming from a rural area, only a few members have access to internet. Nevertheless, members of the church have adapted pretty well.”

Despite the difficulties faced, the resilience and adaptivity of the communities was at the heart of the discussions.

Even if church gatherings have been limited, the spiritual life didn’t stop. With creative resources, ministers adapted to provide spiritual support, including online videos and worship. 

WCC central committee meeting 2021

The 11th Assembly of the WCC in Karlsruhe, Germany


Participants of the Caribbean regional meeting at the World Council of Churches central committee, 24 June 2021.