Photo: Pauline Njiru

Photo: Pauline Njiru

Hundreds of Christians gathered at the Namirembe Cathedral - the oldest cathedral in Uganda - and Mackay Primary School on 1 December to commemorate World AIDS Day. Through music, dance, and drama, together they spoke out for gender justice and a world free from HIV.

The event was organized by the Mothers Union of the Namirembe Diocese, World Council of Churches (WCC) Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiatives and Advocacy, and All Africa Conference of Churches.

Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwarila, bishop of Namirembe Diocese, expressed his gratitude to the WCC for empowering Christian women and young people who are having a positive impact in Ugandan Christian and university communities.

The bishop added: “I thank God so much for the Mothers Union because they have set the pace at which other church groups are now moving in their response to HIV and AIDS, and gender justice challenges.”

Young people discussed the many challenges they face as they take up HIV preventive programs.

“Much as we are being blamed for the increasing transmission of HIV amongst our age group, policymakers and other stakeholders in the government have not played their part very well,” one young person reflected.

“We have been reminded of our call in this fight and we shall not give up in nurturing a generation without AIDS and full of gender justice. We are more than equipped to defeat HIV and AIDS from community to community,” added Catherine Kiganda of Maganjo Parish.