Lois Wilson at the WCC assembly in Vancouver

Rev. Lois Wilson speaking at the WCC assembly in Vancouver, Canada, 1983.


At the book launch, Wilson spoke of her ongoing quest for unity. "I hope that this helps unite us and spurs us on to do some things together. It is obvious that I didn't do anything on my own. It was always with other people. And you won't get anywhere if you're on your own... we need to remember that," she said.

Wilson, who also served as a Canadian senator, spoke about her lifes work in an interview for the IDEAS: radio for the mind” podcast on Canada's CBC radio. 

In the radio interview, which occurred 15 February, Wilson attributes her life-changing moments to the Holy Spirit and to the people surrounding her. I hardly ever had an original idea myself, but I would always respond to what the community called me to do,” she said.

CBC radio interview: Honouring Lois Wilson