Golden Cross, Indonesia

Altar cross pictured as Sunday service is celebrated at the GKPI Medan Kota congregation on the last Sunday of the church year, Indonesia, November 2023, Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert

The meeting was held not to make decisions, but to engage in the process of listening, reflecting, and discerning about future work. The gathering has shed light on the historical path of the commission as well as initiated the discernment process about the future ahead. 

With a deeper understanding of the commissions historical trajectory, the broad scope of its recent work, its purpose, and core functions, commissioners worked together to imagine the work that needs to be done to address present-day challenges. They reflected on the milestones that have shaped the commissions history and that of the World Council of Churches. 

They also listened to what the previous commission has done and the suggestions they conveyed to the new commission about the continuation of work. Commissioners reviewed the strategic goals of the WCC for the upcoming period, and listened to diverse voices from all regions of the world. 

Discussions centered around sharing the best church practices and identifying contemporary challenges that require the attention and focus of the commission. These areas will become the future foci of the study processes. 

The commission concluded its meeting by engaging in deep discussion about Nicaea 2025, the historic Sixth World Conference, which will address the critical issue at the heart of the ecumenical movement: the quest for visible unity as we live the apostolic faith together today. 

The process of reflection and discernment has not ended. The commission will meet in Indonesia in February 2024 to make decisions regarding commission leadership and study processes. Hosted by the Communion of Churches in Indonesia and the WCC member churches in North Sulawesi, the commissioners will aim to continue broadening the conversation on ecclesiology and other Faith and Order themes as they discern how best to assist the churches today as they call one another to visible unity.

“In a world beset with conflicts and divisions, the Faith and Order Commission is committed to pursuing the unity of churches and all humanity. Our shared faith compels us to address our differences and the challenges we encounter as Christians with both courage and hope.”, Dr Andrej Jeftic, director of the WCC Faith and Order Commission, stated. “As we look forward to the upcoming Commission meeting and the World Conference in 2025, we are powerfully reminded of the transformative impact of our collective efforts in fostering a more harmonious and understanding world. The spirit of collaboration and mutual respect shines as a beacon of hope, inspiring those dedicated to strengthening relationships across confessional lines.”


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