The church has played a big role in helping people hang onto hope, he said.

As I come to this world family, the global family of the World Council of Churches, there is another part of the body that has been going though challenges—but it has been resilient, it has been persistent,” he said, speaking of the people of South Sudan. As part of the same body, with different parts, we have experienced the love, prayers, support and encouragement that is from here, back home, and I have come to say thank you.”

The challenges are still there in the country, he added. Prophetic is a call and a duty for the church,” he said. The church is called to be prophetic.”

That means the church speaks to the challenges in society, he said. and becomes a voice for the voiceless.

They find refuge in the church, they find comfort, they find hope,” he said. You know, the church has been there with the people but still the country currently is going though a lot of challenges,” he said. Peace is absent.”

Daniel believes that only through prayers and though the church, that South Sudan can restore peace.

So as we pray we want to challenge the situation that is happening on the ground,” he said. The leaders of South Sudan are people who have become selfish.”

He concluded: This prayer is to call the whole global family to pray for the people of South Sudan.”

Photos from the WCC central committee meeting, June 2022

WCC Central committee meeting, June 2022