Edward Dommen has been honoured for writing A Peaceable Economy, his 2014 book on the potential for peacemaking through economics. The work appears in the Voices and Visions series of WCC Publications, the World Council of Churches book publishing programme.

Dommen shares the 2015 Prix Colladon for the most remarkable Protestant publication produced from 2011 to 2014 by a Geneva author. His co-recipient is historian Sarah Scholl. The award was announced by the Consistoire of the Protestant Church of Geneva.

In a preface to his book, Dommen explained: “Part One of this book explores the theory and practice of economics and its similarity to war. Part Two envisions an alternative, a peaceable economy, and inquires into its conditions.”

A Quaker and past-president of Geneva’s Ecumenical Theology Workshop, Dommen is a retired professional economist who spent much of his career working for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

On learning of the award, Edward Dommen commented: “The prize is particularly gratifying in that this little book is not intended as a learned tome for specialists but as enlightening reading for the general public. It encourages me to pursue my work with fresh vigour on a French version which I hope to finish in 2016.”

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