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fraternity campaign poster

The poster of the 2021 Ecumenical Fraternity Campaign.

This year, the campaign is being carried out by the National Council of Christian Churches in Brazil with the theme "Fraternity and dialogue: commitment of love.”

“Reaffirming this dimension of love also reminds us that the church, as the body of Christ, is moved by Christ himself – whose love for the world, which was the very love of God, was so deep that he gave himself up even to death for its sake,” said Sauca in a video message. “As we are moved by what is revealed and given through Christ’s love, so we are given the gift of loving Christ and, through him, all that God has made.”

This reality of our faith has direct consequences for the way we see and interact in the world, he added. “In this sense, the Ecumenical Fraternity Campaign offers us an opportunity to express this commitment to Christ’s love,” he said. “Nevertheless, we have been faced with different expressions of violence, exclusion and discrimination worldwide on a daily basis.”

Brazil is no exception, he reflected. “In times like this, the role of churches with a historical involvement in the promotion of justice and peace is both especially important and challenging,” he said. “May God bless all who are involved in the coordination and promotion of this important initiative.”

The Ecumenical Fraternity Campaign has been carried out on average every five years since 2000.

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The National Council of Christian Churches in Brazil (CONIC)