Malena Lozada

Malena Lozada


What was the most valuable part of Eco School for you? 

Lozada: It was really interesting as a whole but if I have to choose some parts as the most valuable, I would say sharing with other Latin Americans about their daily struggles concerning climate justice. I also listened to good lectures given by the organisers. It was a very enriching and formative experience. And I came back with a lot of ideas to continue pursuing climate justice.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing in pursuing your doctorate?

Lozada: Regarding the scientific part, one of the biggest challenges is to have enough data in the Global South to do the necessary research on these topics. 

Related to the Eco School, I would say the biggest challenge is to improve communication and education. Climate change is not only a physical response of the atmosphere, it is also a phenomena that affects all the planet and all people. Climate change, unfortunately, generates more injustices in our already unjust world.

WCC Eco-School 2022

Applications extended for WCC Eco-School 2022 with focus on North America