Thumbnail images of each of four videos

The videos, all about one minute long, feature:

Nivin Sandouka: “Living here in the annexed part of East Jerusalem, on the Israeli side of the wall, we do not have an Israeli or a Palestinian passport…”

Eid Jahhalin: “The Israeli authority is targeting the Bedouin communities in order to expand their settlements in the Palestinian land…”

Atallah Jahalin: “We launched several advocacy campaigns and made a petition with a million signatures to protect the community…”

Hania Kassicieh-Persekian: “The WCC has responded to a call from local churches in Palestine to come and witness what is happening here to Palestinians in general and to Christian Palestinians…”

The series is part of a new collection of resources comprising the Easter Initiative, a walk through holy sites, including the road from Jericho to Jerusalem, Bethany, the Mount of Olives, and the Holy Sepulchre. WCC member churches and partners can witness the current realities of life under military occupation, as well as access concrete advocacy efforts to be made by individuals and communities around the globe.

In addition to the videos, the new collection of materials also includes a set of Bible studies – one on each location – photos and stories and videos that give witness to current realities today.

WCC-EAPPI Easter Initiative 2021