Dutch Reformed Church Riebeek Kasteel, Photo: Peter Kenny/WCC 2016

Dutch Reformed Church Riebeek Kasteel, Photo: Peter Kenny/WCC 2016

In a statement released 2 October, the Dutch Reformed Church expressed deep concern about the high incidence of systemic corruption in South Africa.

“The incidence of corruption is spiraling out of control during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the statement reads. “Allegedly, senior government officials and chosen office bearers are involved in this, as well as several private companies.”

Funds that were supposed to save lives were abused, the statement notes. “With every allegation, there is less trust between government and the people and it is an enormous setback to the country’s integrity and the fight against the economic impact of the pandemic,” the text reads. “This wave of corruption does nothing to earn trust that any future donation or funds destined to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic or to bring financial relief for those who need it most, will be handled honesty.”

The Dutch Reformed Church also reiterated its support for the ecumenical campaign against corruption, “Corruption is not part of our legacy,” started by the South African Council of Churches on 30 August.

“Several webinars and mass demonstrations are being planned,” reads the statement.

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