The newly published issue of Current Dialogue is now available online.  Along with key documents from the WCC 10th Assembly, the issue includes several strong pieces addressing some thorny issues in contemporary inter-religious encounter and dialogue, including the recent Malaysian prohibition of Christian use of the name Allah for God, the relationship of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue, the particular difficulties in dialogue among the Abrahamic traditions, and the limits of dialogue itself.

Contents include:

Editorial – Clare Amos

God and Allah: What’s in a Name? – Miroslav Volf, Ryan Annally-Linz

Interfaith and Ecumenical Dialogue: Resonances, Differences, Problems and Possibilities: A View from the British and Irish Context  – Peter Colwell

What is Distinctive about Christian Ecumenism and Why Does it Matter? – Keith Clements

Allah Contested: Christians and Islamization in Malaysia  – Peter Riddell

Greetings to the Word Council of Churches’ 10th Assembly – Yasutaka Watanabe, David Fox Sandmel, Din Syamsuddin

WCC 10th Assembly, Report from Ecumenical Conversation 10.2: Exploring Christian Self-Identity in a World of Many Faiths

WCC 10th Assembly, Report from Ecumenical Conversation 16.2: Religions Working Together for Peace and Freedom

Full Communion Partners and Inter-religious Relations: A Comparison of Efforts and Outcomes of the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America  – Lucinda Mosher

The Praxis of Dialogue: Can We Go Yet Further? – Douglas Pratt

Interfaith Dialogue with the Abrahamic Religions: Ecumenical Reflections  – Cho Yong Seuck

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