The latest issue of Current Dialogue explores the phenomenon of “multiple religious belonging,” in which people participate or identify with the practices and beliefs of more than one religious tradition.

Articles address the theme from diverse perspectives as they attempt to engage with the theological, pastoral and missiological challenges that the phenomenon poses to churches.

An important aspect of the programmatic work of the World Council of Churches’ programme on Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation in recent years, it has so far resulted in two theological consultations in Chennai, India, in 2014 and Cleveland, Ohio, in 2015 and a published volume entitled Many Yet One?

To address this contentious yet crucial phenomenon, Current Dialogue combines theological analysis with personal experiences and drives home that multiple religious belonging is real and is here to stay. It is therefore imperative and important that churches acknowledge and engage this reality with creative fidelity to the gospel of Christ as part of their quest to remain relevant and responsive to the pluralistic contexts they inhabit.

Contents include:

Editorial - Peniel Jesudason Rufus Rajkumar

Multiple Religious Belonging and Interreligious Dialogue - Catherine Cornille

Multiple Religious Belonging: Some Observations - J. Jayakiran Sebastian

Bidden or Unbidden and Always Blessed - James Christie

Multiple Religious Belonging and Churches in the USA - Antonios Kireopoulos

Exploring Religious Hybridity and Embracing Hospitality - Karen Hamilton

From Adherence to Affinity: Multiple Religious Belonging in Hawai`I - Charles Buck

To Encourage You to Create - Carmen Gonzalez-McKernie

Learning to Sail: My Interfaith Life as a Buddhist Christian - Peter Illgenfritz

A Divine Economy - Joyce Shin

Interrogating the Idea of Hybridity from an Interfaith Perspective - Israel Selvanayagam

Hybridity: A Personal Reflection - Alan Amos

North East Tribal Christianity and Traditional Practices - Lovely Awomi James

Body Discourse in I Corinthians: Exploring Hybridity and Embracing Hospitality - K. Balakrishnan

Reading Ruth Interreligiously - Clare Amos

Practicing Multiple Religious Belonging for Liberation: A Dalit Perspective - Joshua Samuel

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