Computer screen showing an event page for an online conference entitled "Teaching Ecumenism in the Context of World Christianity"

The academic conference, originally planned for June 2020, will now take place through online media, and has been reshaped to offer unique opportunities for participation and a wide array of cutting-edge presentations from scholars around the world.

A mix of plenary sessions and short-paper presentations will offer participants a variety of opportunities to engage with the conference theme, to construct and to deconstruct what it means to teach ecumenism today, amid the changing landscapes of world Christianity.

“Convening this conference is for us a significant step towards reflecting on these issues and what they mean for the ecumenical movement,” says Fr Prof. Dr Lawrence Iwuamadi, academic dean of the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey.

“But it is also a genuine effort to bring this discussion into a wider reflection on what ecumenism is and what it could be, and to provide a space for academic analysis and reflection on this among as wide a group of international scholars as possible,” he adds.

Prof. Dr Simone Sinn, who coordinates the conference, reflects: “As we set out to organize this conference, we asked ourselves, how do we articulate the interrelationship of the dynamics in world Christianity with classic questions of ecclesiology in ecumenical dialogues? What are the fundamental methodological, epistemological and theological issues that cannot be ignored in teaching ecumenism and world Christianity?”

Conference registration remains open until 1 June. Continuous participation in plenary and short paper sessions is strongly encouraged. The conference takes place online, in English. 

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