Photo: Peter Williams/WCC

Photo: Peter Williams/WCC

The Church of South India synod observed a month-long “Pray in Tears for Others” during August to help people mourn and reflect on the severe effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. On 29 August, the prayer campaign focused specifically on the World Council of Churches as well as all ecumenical efforts across the world.

In a letter, WCC interim general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca thanked the Church of South India for the prayers.

“We earnestly join your lament for the untold suffering occasioned by this pandemic, we join hands in your petition to the Lord for mercy and compassion, and we pray for strength and courage for the whole synod,” wrote Sauca. “Of tears we have plenty.”

Sauca acknowledged the sad fact that the coronavirus has taken an enormous toll on India’s people. “We know that it has also caused tremendous economic dislocation, physical dislocation, and hunger,” he wrote. “We know that it has exacerbated ethnic and religious and class tensions and tested the capacity and ability of governance to adequately address this many-sided pandemic.”

Sauca also acknowledged the tremendous power of the Church of South India’s faith and witness since its founding nearly 75 years ago. “Grace, mercy, compassion: What we ask of the Lord we must also show to one another,” he wrote. “So in this time of grave peril and real suffering, we unite with you in prayer to strengthen our bond, renew our courage, and serve all humanity with the example and power of Christ’s love.”

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