A pice of the TiB exhibition for the WCC 11th Assembly

The Thursdays in Black Waterfall of Solidarity and Resistance is a tapestry crafted by women across the world who continue to hope for a world free from rape and violence.

One block depicts a woman with a zipper for a mouth, expressing her reaction to psychological violence and control experienced at home.

Another block has the wishful words ”Safe Space for Everyone.“ Other blocks promote the Thursdays in Black global campaign for a violence-free world. Some squares depict women crying. Others read Hope” or Courage.”

Together, they say: Enough! Basta!”

These visual utterances are the frontispiece for deeper stories, some told and some never told, yet they are happening around the world. As Brazilian artist Janine Marja Schneider sewed them together, she hoped the finished Waterfall of Solidarity and Resistance will make a powerful, international statement of a global commitment to end rape and violence.

The Waterfall of Solidarity and Resistance will be revealed during the pre-Assembly for Just Community of Women and Men on 29 August. The tapestry will then be on display throughout the WCC assembly, being held 31 August-8 September 2022. After the assembly, it will be displayed at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva and other prominent locations.

Schneider said she was deeply moved by all those who shared their stories of survival through crafting squares for the tapestry. I thank of each one of you who have gone through violence or have seen a loved one go through violence,” she said. We want a different world. This is indeed a long journey towards a world without gender-based violence and femicide. The waterfall is one step forward that might bring small and important changes.”

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