Bossey Master Students

Seven master students from the Ecumenical Institute of Bossey

Andrei-Dumitru Ursulean, from the Romanian Orthodox Church, offered a reflection on what it means to be Gods children. We see here that God only wants one thing from us, and its our faith,” he said. The divine mercy is healing us, is fixing us, is straightening the dents in our path so we can see the light the end of the tunnel.”

With prayers of intercession, other students lifted up their concerns and joys.

Rev. Nesa Pandian Abraham Devadhasan, from the Church of South India, prayed for Denmark. We pray for the strengthening of the continued spiritual growth and lasting unity among Christians and people of other faith,” said Devadhasan. We remember all educational institutions and pray too for the protection of God's people from all dangers due to unexpected diseases.”

Rev. Martin Ngana, from the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon, prayed for Finland. We remember in this country those who need jobs so that they can meet their daily needs and be a blessing to others,” said Ngana. We ask for the redistribution of wealth especially where there is so much unbalanced in relation to the different regions within the country.”

Ven. Samuel Akinola, from the Church of Nigeria, prayed for Iceland. Save the inhabitants from periodic volcanic eruptions, which always have high impact on landscape, vegetation, and pollution,” said Akinola. Be with tourists as they visit to explore the northern lights, blue lagoon, volcanoes, glaciers, and the waterfall.”

Eva Abel, from the Anglican Church of Kenya, prayed for Norway.  Thank you for the generosity, wealth and resources of Norway that it

will be used for the good of all creation,” she said. We pray for families that are facing conflicts, divorce, and separation and the younger generation that struggles with mental health.”

Lempang Phom, from the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India, prayed for Sweden. God who brings people, like a hen gathers her chicks, we pray that the love of community overcomes the individualistic lifestyle that is making your people lonely and depressed,” said Phom. God of all seasons, as people in Sweden continue to face the crisis of happiness and energy due to prolonged winter, we invite your spring season to break in on their lives, so that the light will shine to witness the energy of wellness and happiness.”

Stefan Wilson, from the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago, prayed for Greenland. God of diversity, we give you praise for the country of Greenland,” he said. We celebrate the natural wonders of this beautiful island with its cold weather and large ice-sheets which are crucial to sustaining human life on this planet.”