Photo: Grégoire de Fombelle/WCC, 2020.

Photo: Grégoire de Fombelle/WCC, 2020.

Alumni from the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Institute Bossey who live in Thailand are continuing to foster ecumenical activities and relations. Every year for a decade, they have offered a local orientation for new students from Thailand who are headed to Bossey.

Referring to Bossey as “our beloved school,” the group, called Thai Bossey Alumni, has pledged to continue educating new generations about ecumenism and peace in their communities.

During 2020, Thai Bossey Alumni also donated funds to Bossey, “in thanks for many things that Bossey gave to Thai students from the past until now.”

The alumni sent a message to Bossey staff on 19 August about how much they missed their professors. “Tell them that, if they plan to come to visit Thailand, we are willing to help them as we can. We always wait for the Bossey people to visit us.”

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