Photo: Magnus Aronson/ Church of Sweden

Photo: Magnus Aronson/ Church of Sweden

Archbishop Antje Jackelén, primate of the Church of Sweden, opened the ACT Assembly on 28 October in Uppsala with a sermon reflecting on the theme of the assembly, “Hope in action – putting people first.”

“Our world is yearning for hope, for credible hope,” said Jackelén. “Behind the most tormenting issues facing humankind, the question of hope looms large.”

Lack of hope is a serious condition, continued Jackelén. “We need to cultivate our own hope, if we are to foster hope among people in situations of crisis, poverty and injustice,” said Jackelén. “With a theology of resilience, we will be able to make sense of the fights of women and men for the health, wellbeing and future of their children.”

Jackelén concluded “With a theology of hope, finally, there is reason to expect change. If one woman could change the mind of Jesus, the change of human minds certainly is within reach. Both when it comes to our own minds and those of others. With a theology of hope, we will be able to counter narratives of hate and fear with narratives of love and hope."


The ACT General Assembly is the highest governance body of the ACT Alliance.  It meets in person every four years, bringing together representatives of all 145+ members of the Alliance to elect its governing board and officers, and its Membership and Nominations Committee, to revise statutes and affirm new strategic direction, and make other major governance decisions.

The Third ACT Assembly in Uppsala will include a variety of programme elements.  The full schedule can be found here.


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