The Ecumenical Institute chapel.


Iwuamadi observes that students and faculty have adapted—and continue to adapt—to the changing reality amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

During the past academic year, he says, the faculty “chose the path of hope and courage by opting to keep the students in the masters program instead of sending them back to their countries.”

In a greeting published in the most recent issue of “Beyond Boundaries,” Bossey’s annual newsletter, Iwuamadi reflects: “The decision to keep the students at Bossey also meant adjusting to a new style of life.”

The institute has taken measures to nurture a healthy and safe environment, providing a hybrid of virtual and in-person instruction.

Iwuamadi had a message for students who are applying for the academic year 2021-22: “Ecumenical formation and education continue to be at the heart of Bossey’s mission,” he said. “With its culturally and confessionally diverse faculty, the Ecumenical Institute will provide students a holistic formation based on community life, common prayer and academic study.”

Even as cases in Switzerland have recently risen, Bossey’s safety measures are taken very seriously, and follow local and national guidelines. Students and faculty emphasize physical distancing, wearing masks, and quarantining should the need arise.

Bossey’s current academic year started with 29 out of the 34 admitted students. “One of the remarkable things about the current group of students is the composition of the student body,” Iwuamadi said. “Among them are 14 women and 15 men, coming from 22 countries and 19 different church traditions. We hope that the success story of this year will continue to serve as a sign of hope in our time.”

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New issue of the Bossey newsletter: Beyond Boundaries, November 2020

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