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The online event will engage experts from various fields to discuss menstrual hygiene from a holistic perspective, encompassing gender sensitivity, health, and access to water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities.

“As we observe the 10th anniversary of International Menstrual Hygiene Day, faith-based communities are also called to address the serious challenges faced by millions of women and girls who are marginalised due to natural bodily functions,” says Rev. Nicole Ashwood, WCC programme executive for Just Community of Women and Men.     

Over the past three years, WCC has organized events and webinars to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene. This year's webinar will feature diverse viewpoints, including the achievements and impacts of the past decade of advocacy; cultural and societal barriers related to menstruation; insights from biblical, theological, sexual and reproductive health, and disability perspectives; and discussions on the implications for workplace and economic sustainability.

The dialogue will focus on increasing awareness within churches and faith-based organisations, eradicating taboos, enhancing accessibility and affordability of menstrual health products, encouraging support from funding partners, and fostering a global commitment to eliminating period-related discrimination.

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