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The Bible studies begin with the season of Advent. The first reflection was created by Rev. Dr Susan Durber, moderator of the WCC Faith and Order Commission. In the introduction, Durber reflects on the baby Jesus, or the child Jesus, or the expected Jesus.

The Jesus of this season is not one who speaks words of love himself or who commands people to love, or even one who does loving things,” Durber writes. He is first of all a Jesus who receives love, who is dependent upon the love of others, and who embodies the love of God before he can enact it or speak of it.”

Based off the Bible passages of Luke 2:1-7; Luke 2:25-35; Luke 2:41-51, the Bible study explores how love is learned as we are loved. In Jesus, we see the mystery of the God who is love opening himself up to receive love from others and indeed being dependent on such love,” Durber writes. This is the love that Jesus experienced as a child from his mother and that he also lived out himself.”

A closing prayer reads, in part, Give to us those who will love us with a Christ-like love, that we too may love in turn as you invite us, this day and always.”

The series is based on the assembly  theme and linked to the significant annual Christian feast days. The next study will be published in preparation for Epiphany.

Read the first Bible study of the series: "Advent and Christmas", by Rev. Dr Susan Durber

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