Bishop Kühnbaum-Schmidt stands by an open church door

Bishop Kühnbaum-Schmidt encourages all to sing “Silent Night” at 8 pm on Christmas Eve.


In the midst of the nationwide lockdown, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Germany finds new ways to connect people in its congregations. It encourages all people to step out on balconies or come together by open windows, at 8 pm on Christmas Eve, and let their voices ring out loud in the Christmas carol "Silent Night.”

“Services that bring everyone together are not possible this year, but it is still possible to do something that could bring everyone together, says Bishop Kristina Kühnbaum-Schmidt.

“Singing ‘Silent Night’ together, perhaps with a burning candle in hand as light in all the darkness that weighs down and threatens life, could be a comforting sign on Christmas Eve. Because this particular hymn fits like no other this night, which will be quieter this year than the Christmas nights we are used to – especially for those who will spend it all alone,” she continues.

Join the celebration: post your videos and photos on social media of your singing on your balcony or at your window using the hashtag  #SilentNight2020

Hear bishop Kühnbaum-Schmidt’s full message about Christmas in times of pandemic: