Photo: Lott Carey Herald, 2021

Photo: Lott Carey Herald, 2021

In an introduction to the guide, Rev. Emmett L. Dunn, publisher and editor of the Lott Carey Herald, writes: “The prayers will help us focus on the plight faced by so many housed in jails and prisons, and who are subjected to treatment that dehumanizes, devalues and demeans their existence.”

Lott Carey, based in the USA, has a goal of extending Christian witness around the world to create a global Christian missional community.

In a prayer for incarcerated women in Bangladesh, Dr Liza Chowdhury, co-founder of Reimagining Justice in Passaic, New Jersey, writes: “I hope the world hears your silent cries to save you from the abuse of a patriarchal society that preys on your womanhood. You are divine sisters with divine insight.”

Dr Magali do Nascimento Cunha, of the Methodist Church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, writes: “Dear God, behind prison walls in Brazil are more than 45,000 women. We cry when we learn that the number of prisoners grew four times in the past two decades.”

Another prayer, written by Rev. Wilma Janzen, manager of Spiritual Services for the Northeast Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Priestville, Nova Scotia, Canada, reads: “We lift before you this day, the women, young and old, who are incarcerated in prisons and jails in every province and territory of this land.”

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