Tapestry with churches of various traditions and regions, and the prayer of Jesus "that all may be one". Designed by Einar Forseth for Ecumenical Center, Geneva, and woven in Aubusson, France.

Member churches

The WCC is a fellowship of 352 member churches who together represent more than half a billion Christians around the world.

WCC member churches can be found in all regions of the world and include most of the world's Orthodox churches (Eastern and Oriental), as well as African Instituted, Anglican, Assyrian, Baptist, Evangelical, Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist, Moravian, Old-Catholic, Pentecostal, Reformed, United/Uniting and Free/Independent churches, Disciples of Christ and Friends (Quakers).

Church families

The major ecclesial traditions and groupings of churches which exist within Christianity.

The WCC regions

The WCC has eight regions that complement one another in their partnership: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Pacific.