United Protestant Church of Curaçao

The Fort Church in Fort Amsterdam was built in 1769. In 1825, by decree of King William I of The Netherlands, the Netherlands Reformed Church and the Lutheran Church were brought together in the United Protestant Church. The English-speaking immigrants who came to work in the oil refinery joined the United Protestant Church in 1937 and built the Ebenezer Church in 1949. The Emma Church, which was built by the refinery for its employees, merged with the UPC in 1959.

The UPC professes that the Bible is the Word of God, the source of our preaching, the only norm for our faith and the basis of a Christian way of life. We believe in one God, the creator of heaven and earth and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We believe in Jesus Christ, the only way to God. We believe in the Holy Spirit who was sent to guide us till his return.

The UPC maintains close relationships with the Protestant churches of Bonaire and Aruba and with the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.

Last updated:01/01/06