EKD - Evangelical Church of the Palatinate*

(Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz)

The Church of the Palatinate is a united church of Lutheran and Reformed Christians, established in 1818. The church constitution is presbyterian-synodal. The EKP is aware of the need for missionary-diaconal renewal of its congregations living in the midst of an increasingly secularized society. This also calls for a permanent openness to ecumenical dialogue, in order to become a more faithful witness to the gospel and to join in common action with others in matters of reconciliation, peace and justice. The church attempts to learn from the insights and experiences of the worldwide Christian fellowship and is challenged to share in the struggle for a more equal distribution of power and wealth.

The EKP has relationships with the United Reformed Church in the UK, the Reformed Church of France, the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Presbyterian Church of Korea, the Evangelical Christian Church of Tanah Papua (Indonesia) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bolivia. Through the Association of Churches and Missions in South West Germany the EKP is linked to a number of churches in Africa and Asia.

* The Evangelical Church of the Palatinate has never directly applied for membership in the WCC and is therefore not counted as a member but is represented through the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).