Church of Christ Light of the Holy Spirit

(Eglise du Christ Lumière du Saint Esprit)

The Church of Christ Light of the Holy Spirit was founded in 1931. It is an independent Christian community of Protestant orientation, fruit of the Holy Spirit movement in the DRC. The church is based on the word of God as contained in the Bible, which is the basis of its teaching: the belief in the Holy Trinity of one God, Creator of the whole universe, of Jesus Christ his only begotten Son, Lord and Saviour who died on the cross, risen from the dead and redeemer, and the Holy Spirit, guide and giver of strength; obedience to the ten commandments of God, the fourth of which consecrates Sunday as the day of the Lord set apart for the adoration and glorification of God the creator father; the belief in the baptism of the Holy Spirit by laying on of hands; and monogamous marriage blessed by the church.

In the life of the church, Tuesdays and Fridays are the days of prayer and intercession for the faithful of each congregation, and Wednesday is the day for Bible study and prayer meetings. The parish meeting takes place once a month, the bishops meet once a year and the general assembly every two years.

The objectives of the church are to evangelize the population in the light of the Bible and by the power of the Holy Spirit, to establish congregations and build churches, to organize educational, medical, social and other activities aiming at the spiritual, moral and physical development of the whole human person. As an integral part of the cultural and religious life of the society, the church organizes various encounters for women and young people, children's holiday camps, evangelism campaigns, literacy courses, and Sunday schools for the little ones. The church promotes also rural development projects, and maintains cordial relations with other Christian communities in the DRC. Future plans include the extension of its activities in Africa and in the world, the struggle against HIV/AIDS, the acquisition of a Light radio/TV station, and the establishment of a Light university and vocational schools for the training of the leaders of the church.

Last updated: 1.1.2006