Out of the shadows brochure SP

Aider les Enfants à Sortir de l’Ombre à la Lumière

Ressources de la Vie Spirituelle Pour Aborder Violences Sexuelles Contre les Enfants

Part of the Out of Shadows Toolkit

A brochure with important global, national and regional information on the Out of the Shadows Index and its key findings and recommendations.

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Continuing the work of the Lord to safeguard children and heal the wounded

Part of the "Out of the Shadow"s toolkit.

Rev. Dr Prof Ioan Sauca Acting General Secretary World Council of Churches wrote:

"Churches are well placed to raise awareness of threats of child sexual abuse, put in place preventive measures, and support victims, especially among the most vulnerable. By giving ourselves the tools to recognize the signs, to talk about it, and to report it, we can all help protect children against physically and emotionally traumatizing abuse."

"We encourage you to use this toolkit in your churches and within your ministry and to share it with others. As spiritual leaders, you are best placed to lead this initiative. Please consider these resources as additional to your own experience and materials, as well as an incentive to develop new ones specific to the main challenges in your own context. We can all work together to end sexual violence against children. In this we continue the work of the Lord himself to safeguard children and heal the wounded."

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