World Council of Churches

Une communauté mondiale d'Églises, en quête d'unité, de témoignage commun et de service chrétien

Papua New Guinea Council of Churches

Founded in 1965 (forerunner: the Christian Council of Papua New Guinea, formed in 1959).

Basis of membership: We believe in and worship the one true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We confess the Lord Jesus Christ as the Eternal Son of God as revealed in holy scriptures, and his atonement as the basis of our forgiveness and acceptance by God. We accept the holy scriptures as our supreme rule of faith and practice, and the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds as a true expression of fundamental Christian beliefs.

Mission statement: We believe that by joining together in study and work, by accepting one another as members of the one family of God and by witnessing together we are proclaiming the unity to which God calls us. Therefore we hereby constitute this council to further the attainment of this unity.

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(Au sein des membres du COE)
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